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A Reminscence

arI took the bull by the horns. Tipper has been after me to display signs of my warrior self, and the holidays seemed a perfect time, and so I invited Janet Reno to Thanksgiving dinner.

It was awkward, of course. I knew Janet was planning to spend the weekend deciding whether to call for an independent prosecutor for the fundraising scandal. To some it would seem a mighty cynical invitation. Everyone knows that she doesn’t have much of a family to go to, and that she’s kind of a workaholic, and that if I phrased it right it would be almost impossible for her to decline. But I also knew that …

The Highway To Nowhere

AT 1:30 in the morning on May 22, freshman Republican Kay Granger of Texas trudged wearily down the long hallway of the Russell House Office Building to a meeting with Bud Shuster, chairman of the House Transportation Committee. The House was debating a controversial Shuster proposal to add $12 billion more to proposed transportation spending, a cheeky power play that frantic House leaders warned would demolish the fledgling budget deal.

thwtnwShuster told Transportation Committee members such as Kay Granger –who, as a candidate, had relied on Shuster’s promises of money for a major highway expansion in her district — that he expected their support. Rep. Granger sat across from the 65-year-old …

Conservative History Isn’t All Shiny Apples

THE great Restoration statesman the Marquess of Halifax is now usually remembered with the disparaging title of “Halifax the Trimmer.” Not only was he (as we would say) “pragmatic” in his own political allegiances, but he invented The Character of a Trimmer in a pamphlet of that name in 1684. When, said his lordship, a boat was weighed down by too many people on one side or the other, “it happeneth there is a third opinion of those, who conceive it would do as well, if the boat went even without endangering the passengers.” Those passengers, therefore must rely on the Trimmer to move back and forth between the two sides …