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Snore RX Reviews: The Pros And Cons

srxrwThere are quite a large number of anti-snoring devices these days and one of which is Snore RX. This device is designed to put a stop to snoring and it has become more and more popular because of positive Snore RX reviews. This device employs techniques that are said to effectively stop snoring. It also has unique features so you continue to sleep comfortably even when the device is worn. It uses mandibular technique which involves keep your jaw in a forward position so air passes smoothly. It is different from other anti snoring device because its settings can be changed. This is the reason it continues to receive …

Fibroid Warnings: Are You Seeing Them?

Kathleen Di Mond, 39, a mother of two in Oakland, NJ, had always had normal periods. So when her flow suddenly became very heavy and lasted for two weeks, and she developed excruciating back pain during her periods, she consulted her gynecologist. The diagnosis: fibroids. And the recommended treatment: a hysterectomy to remove the six golf ball-size growths in her uterus.

But Di Mond didn’t want to lose her uterus. Although she and her husband didn’t plan to have any more children, she’d just had her gall bladder removed, and she didn’t want to go through major surgery again. But the alternative her doctor suggested–do nothing and at menopause, the …

Carpal Tunnel Victories And What It Brought To Tech

In August 1994 HOC reported on Compaq’s courtroom victory over a woman who claimed a Compaq keyboard had given her carpal tunnel syndrome, a repetitive strain injury (RSI). Since then, three similar lawsuits brought against IBM have collapsed, and the Clinton Administration’s proposed ergonomic standard for companies is under fire from a Congress hostile to government regulation.

Linda Urbanski, one of the three whose cases against IBM floundered (she did, however, settle with Apple in a related suit) is now going back to college to get a degree in human services. A 100-words-a-minute typist before the injury that left her thumbs, wrists, biceps, and shoulders thick with pain every day, …