I specialize in exposing liberal media bias at all levels, not just the “big” cases you hear about elsewhere in the blogosphere. Like the time the AP put out a wire story that ABC News (among others) picked up and ran with, that had a completely false headline. I mention ABC News specifically though because they had the nerve to add their own even bigger lie of a subheading. The original headline was: “White Supremacists Riot in Toledo, Ohio”, the subheading ABC News added to it was “Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, Declares Emergency, Sets Curfew After Hundreds of White Supremacists Riot”.

Follow the link I provided above to see that ABC News has still not taken down the story. ABC News responded to a couple of my emails about this. One by playing the “the feeds are out of our hands” game, which didn’t wash because no one else who carried it had that subheading, so they clearly added it. Their second email said they would pass it on for investigation to the proper department. As you can see, nothing was done.

For those of you reading this and not knowing what the lie was, here goes… About two dozen white supremacists were to hold a march in Toledo. Now we don’t support the group, but they certainly had their right to have their march. But before they could begin, about 600 area gang members took to the streets and terrorized the neighborhood. Throwing rocks at police and ambulances, destroying a store, burning down a local pub, looting, etc. The white supremacists were done before they began, and the police made them leave for their safety. So not only were there not hundreds of them, they didn’t riot. The rioters were the 600 gang members.

Now with a blog, I can play a much bigger part in disseminating this information, because this one was really just par for the course for the American media. It happens all day everyday.

I also specialize in cutting through the bologna put out by the (cliché, but true, term alert) liberal media. We bring to your attention all the sneaky ways they try to misinform you and sway your opinion on things. And we’ll always be there to clue you in when the media conveniently “forgets” to include certain information. One example today is that it was reported that jobless claims hit a 5 year low, and the media mostly just looked the other way. Now the left would argue that there was just more important news, which was true today. But positive economic numbers have been coming out for years and even on slow news days they get swept under the rug.

But I’ll be much more than media basher for you at RightWinged.com. I’ll also bring you the news… only better. I deliver the important news to you with framing, commentary, and analysis when needed. Additionally we’ll be blogging breaking news and occasionally live blogging particularly important events.

In the near future you can also expect some political cartoonage and photoshopage from your new favorite blog. So, enjoy the best blog since… since…… well, just enjoy the best blog ever and get your fill of open right wing conservatism. Rightwinged.com is part of a balanced blogfast.

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